Become an affiliate marketer and make money online

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most common and popular ways that people make money online and it is usually one of the most passive forms of income.

This method involves using your other sources of passive income such as your blog or YouTube channel to promote goods and services. By doing so, you earn a commission if your audience or viewers decide to purchase the goods and services thanks to the marketing that you’ve provided.

As you can imagine, this doesn’t just work out of the box and it is something that takes time, with a lot of initial work in order to profit from. There are however a number of ways in which you could make this work for you!

To become an effective affiliate marketer, you really need to begin to build your audience. One way to do this could be by starting a blog, or making youtube videos as stated previous. Once you have things going, it’s best to focus your initial energy on producing quality content for your audience. As your audience grows, your potential for making money through affiliate marketing increases.

Some affiliate marketers find focusing their blogs and/or video’s on a niche to be more beneficial in the long run. This can be a better way to grow a target audience. Once you have that audience, you can look for products that you can market which are in line with what your content normally contains. Theres no point marketing a book on cooking if your niche is reviewing apps or technology and this is what your audience would like the least for you to do.

A great way to get started with Affiliate Marketing after you have things up and running, with traffic coming to your site is to try using Amazon Associates. This service allows you to make affiliate links for near enough any product available on amazon. With a large product selection, you’ll be more likely to find  something relevant.

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Something else which you could consider, is putting some effort into gaining is a large social media following on platforms such as Instagram or LinkedIn and then advertising to your audience through there. This is called being an influencer and can be a great way to promote products.

For example, many e-commerce and Drop-shipping companies are turning to the likes of instagram influencers to promote the products they are selling. These influencers post the products on their feeds to the audiences that they have gathered, which drives leads for the businesses. However, unlike commission based sales, eCommerce store owners typically pay the influencer a set agreed amount up front. This amount normally depends on the influencers audience size and engagement rates (The percentage of the audience that actively likes and comments on the influencers posts).

This method could also benefit from using the Amazon affiliate program, but depending on what your social media account involves, it may be a little harder to find relevant products.

Another great way to do affiliate marketing is to start a mailing list. There are multiple ways to do this but one could be through the use of a blog in which you ask your audience to subscribe so you can update them. There are also a number of services that offer mailing lists to help with this process. Using this mailing list to update your audience, you could include some links to programs and products you are marketing.

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Not everyone is willing to give their email address willingly. Try and offer an incentive in exchange for this. Create great content that has people coming back and wanting more or if you have some knowledge to share, try putting together a short ebook and offer this as a giveaway.

Just be weary though, don’t try to pass off items you wouldn’t actually recommend or use yourself. Relate to the products you are promoting. People will be able to tell if you’re genuine about a product or if you’re just out to make as much money as possible, without caring about your audience. If you do promote items you wouldn’t use or don’t believe in, you could find yourself losing some of your hard gained audience!

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