Start a Blog and earn income online

Have you heard of people having a blog, writing reviews and being able to make an income online but never understood how? Well keep reading to find out more on how they do it and make passive income!

Blogging is a great way to earn some income and it can be quite passive in the long run. There are a number of ways that you can earn passive income from blogging but first you want to get a blogging website up and running.

A lot of people think that owning a blog and/or running a website is difficult. Maybe this was true years ago, however now there are ready to go tools available to the aspiring blogger.

Take WordPress for example. They provide you with a free address and allow you to choose from free templates. From there they give you the tools to design your blog, start writing and publish your first piece. If you’re happy with how things are progressing you could then move on to paid plans which unlock multiple bonus’ such advertising.

The hardest part about starting a blog is choosing a topic that you would like to write about and even harder still, is choosing a topic that you can continue to write about after doing so for a while. But all said and done, the key to your first blog is pick a topic you enjoy and/or are knowledgable about.

Maybe you enjoy playing games and want to review some of the more recent ones you’ve played? If you’re low on funds, you could consider reviewing apps on mobiles phones which are free to download. Maybe you enjoy watching YouTube videos and would like to offer your opinions on other people’s content? Or maybe you can write something that could inspire people and be insightful.

Whatever the topic is that you choose to write about, roll with it, keep at it and develop it over time. Most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that the start of something new can be the biggest hurdle to get over as we want to try to make the things we create perfect the first time. Perfection will come over time, so don’t panic and for now tell yourself to go for it and get started.

It can take some time to build a blog, gain the audience and traffic needed to benefit from advertising. But as you continue to write and develop your site and talent at writing, with a little bit of optimisation, promotion and advertising, you could see your hard work pay off.

Once you get going and gain a reasonable amount of traffic and build your returning audience, you could use other methods to help boost that income further! For example, you could look at promoting and selling other people’s products and services through the likes of affiliate marketing.

But as stated previously, you need to get started first. The best way to do this though, is to just start writing straight away, so why not have a go now?

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