Make money online using the freelancing service, Fiverr!

Are you a skilled writer or blogger? Can you design and create graphics? Can you create amazing Social Media Advertising campaigns? Can you create stunning videos or masterpieces of music? Want to make money online? If yes, then you could potentially sell your services to buyers on Fiverr and make a nice profit in doing so!

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a website that has been designed to allow freelancers sell their products and services to buyers who are looking for cheap and effective alternatives to the normal pricey solutions available to them.

By posting what is called a ‘Gig’, you are giving a buyer the option to purchase what you are selling. Millions of Gigs have been purchased since Fiverrs inception back in 2010.

What kind of ‘Gigs’ can I sell on Fiverr?

Fiverr has a large range of categories and around 100 sub-categories in which you can promote your skills and services. There are 8 main categories which include such areas as:

Graphics and Design – This is where you can sell services such as logo design, web and mobile design, social media design and more!

Digital Marketing – Areas include SEO, Social Media marketing, Influencer Marketing and more!

Writing and Translation – Are you good at writing blogs and articles? Maybe you have a skill at writing resumes and cover letter or even a proficient in legal writing services? This section has all that and more!

Can I only make a Fiver on each sale?

The answer to this question is thankfully, no! You can set a price that you believe is most suited to your skill level and the service you are offering. With prices starting at $5.00, you can move your them upwards as you see fit.

Another great feature is offering multiple levels of your service. You can offer Basic service, Standard service or Premium service. Each level is priced higher than the last and in doing so, you offer more for the buyers money.

You also have the option to offer additional services and add-ons to the services that buyers purchase. These are nice additions to up-sale to your potential buyer.

Do I have to go through an application process to post Gigs?

Not at all! You can sign up with your email address, Google account or Facebook account and begin posting your Gigs immediately. The great thing about Fiverr is that there is no application.

If you can offer a service and please your customers then you will do amazing on this site. We at The Online Income Guide have signed up to this site and so far we are loving out experience and fully recommend you check it out! If you don’t want to sell anything, you may just find a service for one of your online needs!

Check out Fiverr Here!



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