Using eBooks and Audio Books to make money

The e-book idea

Did you know that you can use your writing skills to make passive income online? Not only can you create a blog but you could go further and write an e-book to generate money from sales.

Do you have an idea for a story or maybe you have some skills or knowledge you could write down and share with the world. Why not write an e-book?

person holding amazon kindle ebook

The internet provides you with the tools to share your talents to the world, so why not capitalise on it? Services such as Amazons Kindle Direct publishing allow you to publish and e-book and receive some of the profit in return.

It’s a simple as opening a Word Document and starting to write. E-books don’t even have to be that long in length. You could begin by writing short stories and make a nice little pay-check while doing something you love!

Writing a short e-book and giving it away for free in exchange for people visiting your site can also be a great way to generate income from advertisements. You could take this further and include affiliate marketing links within your e-book which when your readers click on and purchase from, you receive a commission.

The Audio-Book idea

If you decide to write an e-book, have it published on an online marketplace and you’re looking for that little extra earning potential, why not record an audio-book for your fans to listen to? You’ve already gone through the hardest part and put all that effort into writing your e-book.

gray blue yeti

In some cases, you may not be comfortable recording an audio-book or may think your voice isn’t up to the standard you’d hope for or you may not have the recording equipment needed. If this is the case then don’t worry! There are a number of services online that offer to record the audio-books for you.

However, if you do have a great voice, you could use this to your advantage and even offer your services to others to create the audio-book of their dreams and make a little bit extra on the side for yourself!

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