Ideas to make extra money with Youtube

You’ve probably heard of YouTube and know that you can make money online like some of the top YouTubers do, but did you know you can use further methods and generate more income online than just advertisements?

YouTube has come a long way since its inception back in 2005. It’s a great platform that has allowed many creators to share their passions, experiences and life with the world. With channels ranging from Vlogs (a video form of a blog) and news shows to how-to’s and animations, there is something for everyone.

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The best part is anyone can start a YouTube channel and begin posting as soon as they have created a video and edited it, making it ready to upload. Another great thing about YouTube is that you can use the following methods to generate more income:

  • As we know, the most common way to generate income using YouTube is by uploading videos and having ad’s run at the start or at intervals during the video. The more views you get, the more money you can make.
  • Another way to generate income is through sponsorship which is now integrated into YouTube’s website. Although you will need to first start a channel and begin building your audience as well as a few other requirements, sponsorships allow your viewers to sponsor you through monthly recurring payments in exchange for some special perks.
  • You could also include some affiliate marketing. Once you have a large enough audience, you may wish to link to products that you use yourself such as the camera you use to create your video or like big time YouTuber pewdiepie, you could promote a gaming chair. By doing so, when someone clicks on your link to buy the products, you receive a percentage of the sale.
  • Also, at some point during your YouTube career, you may find people and businesses coming to you and asking you to promote their services and/or products in your videos. By agreeing to do so, these people and businesses will pay you for your services. Having a large audience that you can promote these products to makes you an influencer, and being an influencer is very beneficial to you and those asking you to promote for them.

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Do bear in mind, in order for this method to work, you do need to put a good bit of effort in at the start of your YouTube career as well as during. As you will have an end product from your labours, this product will continue to generate an income source for you.

Don’t be put off if you don’t make it after your first few videos! Some creators have found that it’s taken them 100+ videos before they reached a point where their subscribers came flowing in.

One of the keys to making this method work for you is persistence and a can-do attitude. Be prepared to put the initial work in to begin with. Build and interact with your audience and try to produce meaningful content which will draw them in. People come and stay for content that gives them something, i.e Entertainment or learning.

Once you’ve started on YouTube, build up your social media presence. Use Instagram, snapchat, twitter and Facebook to interact with your audience and update them when new videos are posted. Advertise these social media accounts on your channel and in your videos. Reply to viewers in your audience and help them feel as important to you as they are, because without them, you have nothing to show for your work.

Starting a YouTube channel can be fun and exciting and if you keep up the initial hard work, produce quality content and build a meaningful audience, you could potentially see it producing a full-time income.

If you have an idea, give a go, you may surprise yourself!

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