Why you need Social Media accounts for your business.

The influence of social media has reached nearly all corners of the Earth at this point. Of the approximate 7.6 Billion people in the world, about 53% are now connected to the internet, with about 42% of the total population being active social media users.

With that amount of people using social media today, the opportunities it brings to promote your online business is too great to pass up. If you have a business, whether it’s local, global or online only, using social media provides the chance to bring your ideas and products to a much wider audience. Building up this new customer base can help bring your profits to an all time high.

Using social media allows your business to have an online presence and with internet users nowadays being online for an average of 2 hours, building a brand awareness promotes a healthy marketing and business strategy. By building brand awareness you provide an avenue to potential new customers finding you online. For example, someone online may purchase a product from your online store and then find you have a page on Facebook and like it or leave a comment on one of your posts. Their friends and family may see that interaction and in turn click on your page to see what your business is all about and that makes them a potential new customer.

Creating a number of social media accounts across multiple platforms is very important and using these tools to promote your products and engaging with your client and customer base is essential. The biggest benefit to you and your business is that by using the correct strategies and engaging in a positive manner, you can promote your business for a very low-cost. Unless you are using paid advertising, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are all free and you can use that to your financial advantage.

Paid advertising can be a great way to promote your business on these social media platforms. Social media companies such as Facebook are providing you with amazing tools to help you promote your posts and products. The issue with this though is that it takes time to learn how to effectively using paid advertising and target the correct audiences. Another hurdle is building an effective ad. Thankfully there are a lot of sources on the internet which can help you and you business, such as this post on how to build a Facebook Ad that gets more clicks for your money.

Using these online marketing these tools provided to you by various companies can also help you understand your audience better. You can see who is liking your page or account, what locations are engaging best with your brand and what kind of comments customers are making on your products and services posts. This allows you to then design better campaigns to target leads for more growth to your business when using paid advertising.

If you are unsure that social media is right for your business then just look at other businesses within the same markets as your own. The likelihood is they are already online and interacting with your potential customer base. Many experts recommend that businesses get online and active on the various social media tools available to them. The only thing your business has to lose out on is not using social media to gain a bigger and better presence.

If you are looking to expand your knowledge in this area then we recommend the following book to you:

Profitable Social Media Marketing: How To Grow Your Business Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn And More

Whether you’re a local plumber looking to pick up leads from Twitter, or an independent e-commerce site wanting the attention of influential bloggers, the strategies and profitable shortcuts for entrepreneur-run businesses in this book will give you a chance to compete in competitive markets where time and budget is of the essence.

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